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Autumn Rain

Long time hiatus from the blog. In the process of having my website updated the password changed and we have also been very busy growing. When it rains it does pour, so first let me thank all my ASTOUNDING patients who have supported our growth by speaking highly of us and recommending our practice to their friends. A huge shout out to Vehicle Media for designing our mobile-friendlier website. Thanks also for being patient as we find more amazing staff to aid in your smooth visits.
I do look forward to fall because I can spend more time outside without being barraged by mosquitoes. The backyard is more inviting and the grill is emitting its amazing smells throughout the neighborhood. Care for your teeth and body by getting out more during this season of moderate temperatures and look for new friendships to share yourself. I encourage you to be intentional and aware of people who may need you. No meeting is an accident.

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