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Expanding Our Minds

I have always loved imagining things, often to my detriment in staying in the present, but I find it nearly impossible to survive unless I am expanding my thoughts. The key to maintaining my dreamer status is to surround myself with a team of people that collectively weigh in, respectfully pressure test and then consistently execute by setting and attaining goals.  I am lucky to be companions with a thoughtful, incredible team to mold Restoration Dental into a charismatic, well-rounded and even more comprehensive office everyday.  As a measure of our growth mindset, we are now offering implants in-house, which is no small investment of learning and technology. We have invested in one of the lowest radiation 3D imaging devices from Vatech for your safety and our own, and have partnered with a solid implant company Biohorizons. We look forward to the next steps into the future and are glad to have you be part of it.

We Are Worth Much More

In the 1960’s dental insurance was instituted to help pay for dental work with an annual max of $1000, and if translated to today’s dollar the max would roughly be $6000 worth of benefits per year!  The trend, as we have all experienced, is that insurance’s $1000 max has stayed the same and the dollar is worth less. Problems show up in the ever-decreasing benefits offered, in the idea that we should be limited to the treatment that they pay for, and in the desires of the insurance companies to dictate (by downgrades and denials) that you receive the lowest quality of materials, the lowest cost (and often quality) lab, the least esthetic restoration(silver rather than tooth-colored fillings), etc. We will always be a conservative and cost-conscious practice, and we will always customize your treatment plan for what is best for you. We will continue to use the best labs, the best materials, and the best esthetic choices as well as hire and retain the best employees. Staying in network with some dental insurances has become difficult given our stance of quality and exceptional care, and especially due to their decisions to decrease what they pay per procedure or refusal to negotiate to keep up with inflation(talk to your HR departments). To have dental insurance is a nicety and serves as a means of payment for dental services rather than a guideline for exceptional care.  It is important that we all collectively wake up, realizing our bodies and care for our bodies is of the highest value and not to be governed or dictated by BIG third parties but rather by us.  We have been trained over the course of our lives to rely upon insurances to protect us, but as I age, I have realized we haven’t valued ourselves highly enough: We have sold our attention, health, and emotional wellbeing to phone companies, for-profit insurance and drug companies to name a few. We are worth much more!!!!

JUST A THOUGHT TO CHEW ON If dental insurance was truly about the patient, would they do an interview with you and your dentist, consult your dental history, consider what you would need done in the future and subsequently create a coverage plan that would actually pay for what you need? Is it appropriate to consider dental insurance a glorified coupon that is good for only one or two products a year, because they have decided that is enough for you?

Getting Married Soon

Smiles can be transformed. This patient was getting married in a couple of weeks and wanted her teeth to be remembered more affectionately in photographs. We didn’t have the time to send off a lab case for crowns, so we quickly rebuilt a beautiful smile with composite(tooth-colored fillings). Even though we may be able to hide our teeth behind masks now, it is important to care for our hidden gems(pearly whites).



Reopening softly on May 19!!!

Much has been happening over the course of the last eight weeks!!!  I have been looking forward to this day for quite some time, but have also enjoyed some much needed business forensics and family time.  I thank all of you for being patient with our reopening, because much thought and preparation had to occur before restarting.  Our schedule will be more spread out and fewer hygienists will be working at any one time.  We will have some new protocols and will be screening patients, the details of which are in the email we sent which I will post on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/RestorationDental/ We will be staffed all this week with phone warriors, who will be going through our very long list of reschedules.  If you want in for a more urgent matter, please call us.  We plan to be here this week Tuesday-Friday 8-3 each day.

The COVID pandemic has certainly decimated much in the ways of life, business, community and trust.  It has also created space for many of us who are too busy to realize the important things in life and grieve where we were blind to those who need us most. Thankfully, this season of unemployment has given me clarity for the sake of my family, my business, my health and my heart. I hope the same for all of you!


Dr. Dave McNay

Coronavirus updated

The American Dental Association and the Georgia Board of Dentistry have encouraged the dental community to stop elective procedures for the next three weeks. We as dentists and hygienists are at the front line of creating aerosols and sprays when doing cleanings and other procedures.  To protect both our staff and our patient base, we must limit the potential to spread this novel virus.  What this means for our practice and you as our patient.

  • We will be rescheduling all cleanings through April 3rd.
  • We will be rescheduling smaller and non-symptomatic fillings
  • We WILL be seeing Emergency patients (deep cavities, broken teeth, painful teeth, and infected teeth) to lower the burden on the emergency departments at local hospitals.
  • If your appointment is with us after April 6th we will keep everything as normal for now.

Thanks so much for your understanding and trusting us to do the right thing at the right time.  Again we hope these drastic measures push down the spread and impact of this horrible virus. You all are the best patients a dentist could ever ask for!!! My cell phone is on the voicemail message if you are having an emergency.

CoronaVirus Protections

It is really important to stay a couple of steps ahead in our preparedness and sustainability as a healthcare business in light of the spreading COVID-19 coronavirus. In light of its potentially problematic influence, we have adopted these new best practices for the safety of all involved.

  • Encouraging non-emergent patients over the age of 60 to delay their treatment until the COVID-19 threat level has lowered
  • Encouraging those who have recently traveled internationally to delay their appointments for 2-3 weeks
  • Rescheduling those with a recent respiratory illness or close contact with someone suffering from a respiratory illness
  • Rescheduling those with a temperature screening at home or our office that is over 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Disinfecting the reception area and doorknobs every hour with a high-level, broad-spectrum surface disinfectant

The processes we have already systematized at Restoration Dental to ensure patient and staff safety are including but not limited to sterilization, disinfection, hand sanitizers, barriers, office cleanliness, HEPA air filters and staff wellness. We strive for the health of our patients and ourselves and we hope that fewer people will be affected by this virus than anticipated.  Stay well and keep those hands clean!!!

Dr. Dave and the Restoration Dental Team

Rest for the Weary

We will be closed Christmas week and New Years week to deep clean the carpets, air ducts, ceilings and to get some much needed rest for myself and my staff. We have truly enjoyed having THE best patients, and because we can count this, we had over 6000 appointments this past year. We wish everyone a blessed rest over this holiday season!!!

Holiday Hours and Same Day Smile

We will be closed Wednesday July 3rd, Thursday July 4th and Friday July 5th for the holiday. Our staff has been working their hearts out providing high quality care and they need a break (as do I). Here is a case of discoloration on two front teeth due to poor enamel formation while this patient’s teeth were developing. The tooth on the left of the picture had much more deep grey and brown internal colors which we worked hard to block out. Celebrate!

Holiday Hours

‘Tis the time for a hiatus from the hard work of our Amazing staff on Amazing Patients! I can’t stop bragging on how we have been blessed by your trust in, commitment to and good words about us.  We will be closed the entire week of Christmas, and the hygienists will be back on Jan 2, 3, 4 while I am hiking, fishing, and game-playing with my family in a quiet lean-to in North Carolina. My family is the reason I started my own practice; for maintaining a healthy marriage, letting my kids know my heart and me knowing theirs.  If you have an emergency there will be more info on the outgoing message of the office phone number. Peace and Rest!!! Dr. Dave

ZocDoc appointments

As you may well be aware, we have this awesome BLUE button on our restdental website that allows you to access our schedule and do your scheduling online. It is through a cool company called ZocDoc, and historically they have been awesome to us although they have changed some of their policies as of late. AS A RESULT we ask you ONLY press the button on our website and not through their website. As long as you schedule through our website our profile is visible, but if you go straight to their website they reserve the right to make my entire profile disappear.  Slippery sales tactics? Trying to increase their power over practices? The cost of doing business? You get to decide… Either way we long for new patients but will not be receiving them through ZocDoc anymore. )^; We really appreciate your kindness in word-of-mouth and internet/social media referrals which are an honor that we guard jealously.  May your summer be happy and bright!

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