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Grand Reopening

Today Wednesday September 13 we will be open. Thanks for being such awesome patients!

Irma Troubles

Irma gosh, our power was out, and our phones are out and so is our internet connectivity. We will be closed today Tuesday September 12th. Please forgive us for having to reschedule your long-anticipated appointments!


When polling my friends and acquaintances (not caning), one major deterrent to their being more involved in something is a lack of time. We as “busy” adults have filled our schedules with appointments, meetings, hangouts, youtube bingeing, hulu marathons, etc. Can you remember the last day you scheduled a day of disconnection? Can you remember the last day you remained silent most of the day, practicing your fifth amendment rights? I can personally say that my batteries are recharged by quiet and peace. Times where I don’t have to drown myself in constant noise and thoughts actually give me life. How about you? Are you scheduling sanity?

The text that changed your life

Texting has been the rage for quite some time and has the power to do grand things. Our default is to interact with our phone with the side effect of face-to-face conversation heading to the abnormal. I may be too long-sighted to see that the effects of phone interactions will ultimately leave people very isolated and lonely. The sense of community will be ethereal rather than realized, we will have forgotten how to engage and our reliance on the machine will distance us from one another. I will encourage all of you toward eye-to-eye and face-to-face interactions which in turn give you an opportunity to show off your teeth.

In order to be fair, I am curious if texting has done better for you than for me.  What positives have you seen from it?

Autumn Rain

Long time hiatus from the blog. In the process of having my website updated the password changed and we have also been very busy growing. When it rains it does pour, so first let me thank all my ASTOUNDING patients who have supported our growth by speaking highly of us and recommending our practice to their friends. A huge shout out to Vehicle Media for designing our mobile-friendlier website. Thanks also for being patient as we find more amazing staff to aid in your smooth visits.
I do look forward to fall because I can spend more time outside without being barraged by mosquitoes. The backyard is more inviting and the grill is emitting its amazing smells throughout the neighborhood. Care for your teeth and body by getting out more during this season of moderate temperatures and look for new friendships to share yourself. I encourage you to be intentional and aware of people who may need you. No meeting is an accident.

Spring Sprung Sprang

My gracious, we have moved past the strange “not so snowy” winter into a season where the trees are all abloom and many more people are out and about in the neighborhood. I have seen a spike in sensitive teeth and watery eyes. You may ask “Are the two interconnected?” and I will reply “Isn’t that the point of the blog?” It is important to note that not all people respond in the same way to allergens or for that matter to any stimulant. Science tells us that in our sinuses live the grand concoction of hundreds of bacteria, these same bacteria feed upon the carbohydrates that we ingest. Their survival depends on our nourishment of them. Those with packed sinuses are carrying pounds (or milligrams) of extra weight simultaneously on their upper tooth roots and nerves. Talk about riled up teeth!!! Cold sensitivity, bite sensitivity, bending over sensitivity and jumping jack sensitivity have all been reported to me in my sixteen years of practice. Ways to combat it…less carbohydrates and refined sugars. Don’t feed the beast! A visit with an ENT is also helpful for any with chronic sinusitis (filled sinuses with low level pain) or acute flareups. There is a reason our antihistamine and allergy commercials are on the rise this month. If the pain persists though, don’t be afraid to visit the dentist you respect for him or her to have a look-see!!!


We had a delay this morning due to some random icing here in Atlanta, but we are open from 10 to 5 today February 26 so if you have an appointment during those hours we are still on. Please call us if you can’t make it!!!
Your snow-braving dentist,
Dr. Dave

We are Hiring a Dental Assistant

If you have friends, dental or not, looking for a people-oriented occupation in a rewarding field we would love to have your referral of a great fit. We are offering a finder’s fee to the person that can find someone for us and most of you know the high standard of customer service we strive for. Great memory and amiability are necessary. Please have them call us!!! Dental assistants in Atlanta are a plus but not required.

Computer Restored

Our computer system is back up and running!!! We are back online and ready for any appointments you need before the end of your yearly benefits in December. We call it USE IT OR LOSE IT. You pay money for your dental benefits through work and they can be your ally or lost money. Insurance companies bank on you not using your benefits before each year ends. I say get your money’s worth. Undiagnosed dental problems turn into more expensive dental problems. Maximize your dental insurance’s generosity. Thanks for being such awesome patients while we sorted through our digital woes!!!

Fear Precedes Courage

When faced with the question “Do you like heights?” I would often respond with another question, “What kind?”
Some people would be bothered by looking over the edge of a ten story building while others love to stare down from the heights of a thousand foot cliff. Having never ziplined I was intrigued by the possibility of experiencing this with my wife. She had been able to zipline on multiple occasions before, but it still provoked fear deep into her lightly acrophobic heart. It takes a lot to get my adrenaline up, so my fears are contingent upon the amount of safety built into the adventure. A harness is intended to reign in the power of a beast or in our case the beast of gravity from a couple hundred feet up, so the zipline to me became a load of fun with little to no anxiety. Ami has a bit more trepidation, but she once wisely stated to one of our children while they were having trouble eking up the courage to do something “Honey, you can’t be courageous unless you are first afraid” Ami handled the adventure with loads of excited screaming and tackled her fearfulness head-on. Her fear became courage on every jump off a platform, and I will add one more subsequent result. Peace. When the adrenaline has stopped coursing through our bodies a mellowness comes closely behind. It is worth the trouble to get to the calm. This same adage works in the case of dentistry; you may be afraid but it is the only way to display courage. After 15 years of dentistry I can attest that a strange calm comes to those who act courageously in the face of dental anxiety. photo_124687

A Huge shout out to my parents for caring so well for our four little kiddos while my wife and I went on a grand adventure weekend.

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