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Gift-Giving Time

Tis the season when gifts are given, received and purchased. As a child, I would tend to set my sights too high (the Red Rider bb gun!) and be disappointed. Somehow my parents would know how much I longed for a certain gift and after all the gifts had been opened they would say, “Dave, I think I see a present peeking out from behind the couch. Did you check back there?”. My parents are amazing gift givers, and if any of you are lucky enough to know them you will have been blessed by their generosity.

What are some of the deciding factors that help us to be appreciative gift receivers, thoughtful gift givers, perpetual gift thinkers, and so on? It is a very valuable GIFT to be a giver, and similarly it is an even more valuable GIFT to be a gracious receiver. I will encourage you in all of these practices. Peace(Shalom) to all of you! May generosity be a calling card of yours!

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