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Last Minute Cancellations

We all want control over our lives, but there are circumstances that happen upon our paths that we would or wouldn’t choose. Sometimes we have to cancel appointments that we had scheduled or we just forget. In the same vein, most of us want what we want quickly and efficiently, if we can’t get it at our local neighborhood market we are going to go to our 24 hour big box store or buy it online and expedite the shipping.  Restoration Dental has gratefully and thankfully become increasingly more busy in the last five years, which in turn changes the dynamics of availability. We will consistently work emergencies in quickly, but the routine checkups and cleanings have been more challenging. These are our most cancelled appointments and reciprocally they are the most sought after!!! How have we helped you?…during this busy season we hire extra hygienists to take on more patients, we confirm patients earlier to know where we have openings, and for last minute cancellations, either we can put you on a short-notice call list or the appointment shows up on ZocDoc. What can you do for the practice?…attempt to set up your six month care appointments in the spring and fall(these times are more available), and don’t leave our office without setting up your six month appointment. My sincere thanks for your patience with us as we set up systems to avoid having any troubles scheduling you. You all are awesome and I really appreciate all of you!!! Dr. Dave McNay

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