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Spring Sprung Sprang

My gracious, we have moved past the strange “not so snowy” winter into a season where the trees are all abloom and many more people are out and about in the neighborhood. I have seen a spike in sensitive teeth and watery eyes. You may ask “Are the two interconnected?” and I will reply “Isn’t that the point of the blog?” It is important to note that not all people respond in the same way to allergens or for that matter to any stimulant. Science tells us that in our sinuses live the grand concoction of hundreds of bacteria, these same bacteria feed upon the carbohydrates that we ingest. Their survival depends on our nourishment of them. Those with packed sinuses are carrying pounds (or milligrams) of extra weight simultaneously on their upper tooth roots and nerves. Talk about riled up teeth!!! Cold sensitivity, bite sensitivity, bending over sensitivity and jumping jack sensitivity have all been reported to me in my sixteen years of practice. Ways to combat it…less carbohydrates and refined sugars. Don’t feed the beast! A visit with an ENT is also helpful for any with chronic sinusitis (filled sinuses with low level pain) or acute flareups. There is a reason our antihistamine and allergy commercials are on the rise this month. If the pain persists though, don’t be afraid to visit the dentist you respect for him or her to have a look-see!!!

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